Artificial Grass Tennis Court

It is a misconception that artificial grass tennis courts are low maintenance as many players find out. Lack of maintenance results in poor drainage, dirty, slippery courts, sand compacting and can drastically reduce the life span of the artificial grass tennis court surface.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Once a court descends into this state they are only going to get worse and eventually need replacing if no action is taken. There are many ways of resolving problems with artificial grass courts and over the past few years we have been using a process that can bring your court back to its best and add additional life to the carpet.

Originally we used high pressure water to remove sand and then brush carpets and refill with clean sand. A process we realised only satisfied part of the problem and had a very short result time. The problem was that water tended to spread the bottom pile of dirt and not remove it, whilst the top looked like new it was not long before dirt and moss reappeared.

By using high pressure air jets we have been able to resolve the issue and have many carpets and clients who can confirm that this process works and has long term benefits.

Artificial Grass Rejuvenation
In brief the process is as follows:

  • Remove dirty sand using air at high pressure.
  • Collect dirty sand and dispose of
  • Brush pile
  • Refill with clean sand
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