Tennis Court Resurfacing

All tennis courts require attention due to wear, weather and sometimes lack of regular maintenance.

Initially, an inspection can identify if it is possible to refurbish the facility, whether an artificial grass court that needs refurbishing or a hard tennis court that needs cleaning and painting.

Should the option of refurbishment not be possible then a further inspection will provide the information to look at a partial or full tennis court resurfacing.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

With Macadam tennis courts it is normally possible to simply skim the worn of damaged surface and then paint. There are also options should the court be badly damaged to carry out repairs to these areas and then skim. Most important is to assess what damage and why before a viable solution is provided thus supplying options that will suit the client’s budget and longevity of the tennis court.

With Artificial grass tennis courts resurfacing can be as simple as lifting the old artificial grass carpet, cleaning the base surface and making sure drainage is adequate then laying a new artificial grass carpet. Similar to resurfacing an artificial grass tennis court to upgrade a Macadam tennis court could not be simpler, clean the old tennis court surface, make sure drainage is good if not drill small drainage holes then lay a new artificial grass carpet.

With all tennis courts the actual site needs to be surveyed prior to any work and with Tennis Court Surface Solutions Limited we carry this out for FREE and offer many options so that the client has the information in order to make informative and constructive decisions.

It is important to note that there are many different artificial grass carpets all having different playing and maintenance characteristics and these should be fully explored before committing to a new artificial grass tennis court.

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