Tennis Court Surfaces

The tennis court surface will be the biggest decision to make in the overall construction of your tennis court, budgets play a big part in the decision and we offer professional and unbiased information in helping with this decision.

After listening to your requirements we will be able to offer you many options on your tennis court surface.

Below are a few case studies of different tennis courts surfaces in situ:

PRIVATE HOME TENNIS COURT (Dedham, Colchester, Essex)

There is an existing grass court in place but in disrepair and only offering summer use and even then very limited, a very high maintenance surface, however, it is situated within a large garden and plenty of good access on to the site.

The project was to dig out the grass court and lay a new base and to move the actual position to allow better viewing and access from house and then install a macadam tennis court. This resulted in all year round play with low maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing too.

PRIVATE GARDEN TENNIS COURT (Tye Green, Braintree, Essex)

This was an existing macadam court, which was in very poor condition with weeds growing through the surface and so was totally overgrown.
The project was to clean out all weeds and surrounds, remove fencing then re-lay a new tarmac surface on top of the cleaned surface and then to replace all fencing and paint the macadam court. This was decided to be the best option, as the court is surrounded by trees and allowing for debris to be easily removed simply by it being blown away.

TENNIS CLUB (South Essex)

The club had a tarmacadam court that required attention as was draining poorly with a pitted surface and the paint surface had long seen better days, the base was solid and level. The members required a cushioned and all year round playing surface.
The project was to clean off the court and spike holes in the surface to assist with drainage then lay an artificial grass tennis court surface. We also installed floodlights.

TENNIS CLUB (Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire)

The club had seven artificial grass courts, three of which needed replacing. The club has a large membership with a performance ethos that required all year round play.
The project involved removing three of the artificial grass courts and replacing these with artificial clay, a true performance surface that all members liked.
Two of the artificial clay courts had single skin air domes built over them along with a unique water drainage system.

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