Tennis Court Installation

The installation / construction of a tennis court takes between 3 to 6 weeks and is very dependent on the site and soil conditions.

Tennis Court Installation

The following briefly outlines the process.

  • Initial client meeting to discuss project at this initial stage. We are able to give a budget price and more importantly offer advice that will help the project to meet the requirements of the client. We also help and advise regarding possible planning and other issues that may arise.
  • Site survey soil type, access, size of plot including rough position of court so client can visibly see the court and surroundings.
  • Remove turf and topsoil to a depth where solid ground is identified then level site.
  • Insert Geo textile membrane to stop migration of soil in to sub base and restrict any vegetation growth.
  • Lay and consolidate stone base.
  • Lay kerbs to outside allowing for depth of tarmac.
  • Insert net post sockets.
  • Lay base course of tarmac roll and consolidate.
  • Lay wearing course of Tarmac roll and consolidate.
  • Construct fence to outside perimeter.
  • Paint court (at this stage there is an alternative option to lay Artificial Grass or Artificial Clay).
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