Tennis Court Refurbishment

The tennis court refurbishment process restores your artificial grass surface to as good as new. The tennis court surface is swept and cleaned of all unwanted contaminants and debris.

Tennis Court Refurbishment

The Patented Rejuvenation Machine dampens the contaminated and compacted sand infill, then it delivers a carefully balanced mixture of Compressed Air in the artificial grass carpet pile, forcing the contaminated and compacted material to the surface ready for disposal.

The extracted infill material is then removed by our specialised Sweeping Unit which leaves no contaminated material in the artificial grass pile and brushes the pile fibre back into the upright position. The contaminated sand can be recycled onto natural grass or disposed of.

During our tennis court refurbishment process, the bottom of the artificial grass carpet pile is agitated and de-compacted, restoring the drainage of the carpet back to its original condition.

Tennis Court Surface Solutions refill the artificial grass surface with new clean silica sand to correct levels, breathing new life into your artificial grass carpet for years to come.

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