Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Surface Solutions provide a full and thorough tennis court maintenance service for all court surfaces including clay, artificial grass, macadam and acrylic.

Artificial Grass & Clay Macadam
Item Frequency
Minimum Recommended Minimum Recommended
Debris collection As required DAILY As required DAILY
Leaf flora collection As required DAILY As required DAILY
Power Brush (Machine) Bi monthly MONTHLY
Top up reduce infill As required MONTHLY
Repaint surface Every 5 years Every 3 years
Moss, algae treatment Annually 6 monthly Annually 6 monthly
Power washing/cleaning 3 years Annually Annually 6 monthly
Refurbishment 5 years 3 years
Line painting or repair As required As required As required As required

The above are guidelines only by mixing and matching frequency and actions court life and playing style will be greatly affected. Cost savings can be made by extending the life of the playing surface with a regular maintenance plan.

Maintenance packages can be designed and tailored to meet the client’s budget and the time they have available. Budgets can be designed with regular monthly payments so spreading the cost rather than have large bills at any one time.

Additional benefits from our regular visits are that once we get to know the courts we are able to report annually on the life expectancy allowing you to plan ahead.

Keeping your tennis court surfaces well maintained has many benefits as well as extending its working life.

  • Reduce the compaction of the sand infill.
  • Reduce slipping.
  • Ensure good drainage.
  • Keep the bounce true and predictable, maintaining the playing qualities.
  • Regular maintenance will reduce costs in the long term.

All maintenance contracts can be paid for monthly spreading the costs over the term of the maintenance.

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